Thursday, March 22, 2007

My husband the movie star!

As many of you know, Chad tried out to be a football player extra in the movie Leatherheads about a month ago. He was so excited about playing football again...let alone, it be for a possible spot in a movie! However, the tryouts were tough, and there were a lot of guys there who had played college ball, and he, unfortunatley, was overlooked.

Well, just about 2 weeks ago, Chad received a call from someone in casting, and they wanted his face in the movie!!! (He is SO excited!) He'll be on the "Penn Team" and we're hoping for some screen time. Today (Thursday) he's getting his haircut (1920's style) and will be practicing and getting a costume fitting. Then, he'll practice for a few more days, then film for one day the first week in April.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

VestFest 2007!!!

I'm sure you all have been anxiously awaiting this, here are a few pics of our weekend on the Chatooga River. We camped right next to the river. It was gorgeous the night of the eclipse as we sat around the campfire and the moonlight lit the white caps of the rushing water.
Who? Jon and Tang, Abe and Bethany, and Chad and Allison (notice the vests?)
We had a few adventures...1. You'll see some pictures of us riding bikes. My husband bought me a starter mountain bike (since I'd never been before...we wanted to make sure I liked it) Abe, Bethany, Chad and I went out for a ride and came to these 3 massive jumps. (these pictures don't do it justice) It was crazy! I was scared, but tried it anyway, and everyone got a kick out of my screaming as I went up and down, up and down, up and down each was pretty funny.

2. we went hiking to this amazing part where the stream met the river in an incredible rushing 70ish ft waterfall, and several falls going the width of the river (maybe 100 yards?). I've never anything like it...and again, the pictures don't do it justice.

3. Jon began to leave early, and he and chad had so easily driven just next to our campsite as a little "off road" excitement without regard for the plan to get, the X-Terra was pulled out by the Subaru and a 1" think piece of rope that kept getting smaller and smaller...then, the Blazer was pulled out by the X-Terra. Sound simple? NO! We pushed, pulled, dug, bounced, and climbed on those trucks for 4 1/2 hours!!! All the while (as Jon would point out)...a tow-strap at Wal-Mart was a mere 30 minute drive away! ha!

Friday, March 02, 2007

...coming soon from VestFest 2007...the kind of camping you bring can bring an air mattress to...and, of course, a warm fuzzy vest.