Monday, November 03, 2008

the Avett Experience

So, my brother called about 3 months ago and asked if Chad and I would like to see the Avett Brothers with he and Leah at the Peace Center on Nov. 1. Being a fan of generally all live music, and having the one of their albums (provided by my brother) we were excited at the opportunity! You see, they had bought the tix for them and another couple, who, found out that they were going to have to attend a wedding instead of this we ended up reaping the benefits of it!

Check out the video...and listen really close for my voice, because we were all sitting right behind the guy videotaping this...The concert was awesome! I am a huge fan now! It's a folk band that clearly loves what they do (by the jumping and headbanging...yes, headbanging to the banjo) They added a good amount of rock to this show, and it was just amazing...I can't wait to see them again!

The headliner was also good: Nicole, that little girl can wail!