Wednesday, November 22, 2006

At Last! A posting from the Nicholsons!

So, many of you have been hate-blogging for a while...and, I think I have decided that since it has been many many months since my last blog (the engagement blog), and I am now a married woman, I should post some more pics! ...especially for those of you who were unable to attend our wedding...(miss you Wingos!) Also, my decision to post again, was spurred on by a glance at the blogmaster, Laura, and all of her great pics of her cutiepies drooling and whatnot...and then by my sister's blog which has several comments, and only one picture...and there has only ever been one pictures will come soon!!! Check back...soon!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006


After walking around Georgia Tech campus, we turned the corner and approached a bridge. I knew this bridge, I had heard about this bridge before...I knew that it was a very special place for Chad, and that it held a lot of significance in his life; it was the place where he knew he wanted to go to GA Tech, the place where he turned his life and his dating life over to God,, my brain is going crazy!!!! But he wouldn't ask me to marry him now! We haven't' finished counseling...maybe he's just going to say some sweet words here....

then, I look over and there is a plastic bag with something inside coming toward us. He said, "go pick that up." I pick up the bag, and there is a rose inside with my old ring tied to it with a ribbon. (one I've worn on my ring finger for years) He told me that to him, the old ring symbolized my singleness and he proceeded to tell me he wanted to retire the old ring (give it to him) in exchange for a new ring (our life together)...he continued on with more sweet words, got down on one knee, pulled out a small box and said"Allison Kay Hucks, will you marry me?!!!" I was speechless, crying, shaking, a nervous wreck, but still managed to get out, "YES!" we hugged for a minute, then he pointed me to the other side of the bridge, where one by one, our friends and family popped up from behind the wall to congratulate us!!!! This picture was captured at that moment!

We went to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe with about a dozen people and thanks to Chris and Denny, the waiter sounded a gong, called Chad and I up on the steps, and yelled out, "he asked her to marry him, and she said yes!" Then, they all yelled out CONGRATULATIONS!! Oh, we got free ice cream out of it too!

After dinner, we went to celebrate at the Sun Dial, a beautiful rooftop lounge at the top of the Westin that rotates 360 degrees above Atlanta. Here we are calling loved ones that couldn't be with us...proud Moms and Dads and my loving big sister (I miss you sis!!)

Monday, April 03, 2006

He Sings!!!

You have to admit this is the cutest thing you have EVER seen!!! This is Will Lowder (7 months old) singing his heart out! It sounds like he's inherited his daddy's pretty singing voice!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Bee Cove Creek (aka 702)

The trip started on a sunny, but chilly day. We were both so excited...listening to great music (courtesy of my brother) driving through the mountians near the NC and SC borders. I had planned the trip, printed driving and hiking directions, and we were ready to go! We hiked for a little while, then, the trail came to an abrubt end. We could hear the falls, just as the directions said, but the slope downward toward the sound seemed a bit risky. We continued on what we THOUGHT could have been a trail...but, well, it wasn', we thought, lets just slide down this embankment and hope it turns out okay! :) Well, the picture below is where we ended up!!! Beautiful! And this was only the first of a few falls. We ate our peanut butter and jelly/honey sandwiches here, and rested for a few minutes. Okay, so to this point, we'd hiked for probably 2 hours....then we kept on. We slid and climbed and walked through the river until we found waterfall after waterfall. It was amazing.

Check out these other pics!
Don't you just love posed pictures that don't look posed :)
Good acting Chad!
Knotty (not to be confused with naughty) tree! Liv, I thought about you and Matt when we passed tree huh?

The Hucks Family Together!

The Hucks family together again! Mom, Dad, Kendra, Terry, Rachel, Will, Adam, Leah, Isabella, Elissa, Allison, and Chad.

It was so much fun! Check out these pics! The one below is my Papa meeting his great-grandson for the first time! I like the one below if Isabella and Elissa sitting on the stoop of my dad's new shop...that is the look of exhaustion! Its like you can just see how tired they are...precious! Isn't Rachel getting big? She is such a great big cousin and sister!
I'm having some technical difficulties, so this is all for patience are running very thin, but I hope to post some pics of Mine and Chad's hiking adventure stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day 2006

This might be a long story, but if you stick with it, you might just enjoy it!

Sooo....some of you might already be aware of my sweet boyfriend's disability... to keep a secret. Yes, it is true... sad, but true.

The story began a few months ago when I went to an eclectic home decor store in downtown Greenville called Emporium. I love this store! I fell in love with this gorgeous, giant, hand crafted mirror. I actually was considering buying it when I saw the price tag said $600!!! For a mirror???
Well, Chad and I talked about it, and we decided we could make a mirror similar to it with enough time and patience, but there was no discussion after that.

Then, around Christmas time, I saw a mirror at TJMaxx large enough to put behind my couch and asked Chad what he thought about me buying it. Instead of saying something like, "honey, you shouldn't spend your entire gift card on one thing, get several small things, " he told me he was making me a mirror like the one in Emporium for Valentine's Day. Can you believe that? It was early January and I already knew what my Valentine's Day gift was!

Well, yesterday, Chad was so sweet, and with tears in his eyes, told me he had bumped the mirror in his garage and the glass had shattered. In his rage, he destroyed the rest of it and put the remains in his burn pile. I was so upset, but not that I wasn't getting the gift, but because I knew how hard he'd worked on it... all his time, effort, money, planning etc... and the tears filled my eyes.

We had a wonderful night, truly magical, I put the incident out of my mind. He dropped me off at my house and reminded me that the last gift he had for me was via an email that I should check as soon as I got home. So, he called my cell and reminded me to turn on the computer. I walked into the office, turned the computer on and walked out (to give it time to turn on) All the while, he's asking me, did you turn on your computer yet? Yes, Chad, I just have to wait for it to turn on... Then, because of his impatient prompting, I walked back into my office, and, out of the corner of my eye, I see some large object that doesn't belong... and there it was... the mirror he'd broken! Only, of course, he'd never broken it... he was trying to make up for the fact that he'd spilled the beans, and so, as my dad would kid him, he wouldn't look so "weak!"

What a sweetheart huh? A lying sweetheart :) ha ha... I just can't help but love him!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Chad and Allison went to Savannah!

Well, my first blog picture! Here goes...

Chad and I went to Savannah to take a break from our hectic work schedules. Here we are at the Conch House (recommended by my friend Alan) His Trout was amazing, my Mahi Mahi was okay....if you go...get the special!

Chad brought his boat and we went out to Tybee Island to paddle around. We ended up paddling for about 3hours (Chad did all the paddling might I add...) past the bridge in the background to the lighthouse you'll see in the next picture. Oh, and Chad got to FINALLY try out his new wetsuit!!!

Liv, you'll like this picture! Check out this cool lighthouse located on what Chad and I like to call "Razor Blade Island." Yes, the journey was great, however, the wonderful water socks we decided to wear didn't really protect our feet from the ubiquitous razor-like oysters beneith them. Nonetheless, with some trading off of the good water socks, we were able to explore and enjoy this deserted lighthouse.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

After the journey o' the razor blades, we had to shimmy up the winding staircase and shady ladder... but... once at the very top of the lighthouse, the view was well worth my fright.

Looking out on the Atlantic Ocean... ahhhh.