Thursday, January 17, 2008

2007-2008 Pictures!

Okay, the next series of pictures I'm about to post are of some of the following things: Hucks family dinner at the Nicholsons over Christmas, Christmas at Granny and Papa Nicholson's, Christmas at Mimi and Poppy Hucks' house, babysitting Isabella and Elissa (making a wonderful mess of making and decorating cookies) and of the great snow storm...Enjoy!

Left to right: Isabella, Rachel, Will, Elissa then, my big brother Adam and big sister Kendra at our house for dinner!

Granny and Papa opening presents at their house and Granny getting a makeover from Chad's mom.

One of the Hucks traditions is all the men give each other gag gifts. This was one of them...crazy looking teeth! They all really seem to get a kick out of it. Chad did so good this year and made a multi-tool out of normal sized tools. It was pretty funny. My mom (aka Mimi) also tries to get matching jammies for the grand kids each's this year's pick...well, needless to say, Will didn't get the cute little ruffly pjs with the sparkly snowflakes...but, his were still super cute!

Chad and I had the pleasure of babysitting Isabella and Elissa so Leah could take Adam out for his 33rd birthday! We made a big mess making cookies (thankfully uncle Chad wasn't home for that mess!) but then, we made another mess decorating them! Thanks to uncle Chad for helping clean up our mess!!

Check out the newest addition to our downstairs game room. We've recently aquired this from my grandparents house as they are transitioning into assisted living and we couldn't find a good spot for the large painting in their tiny room at their new facility.

It's a painting by my uncle Jack of he and my dad playing football. My dad (the GT player) is recovering a Georgia fumble! Well, that's the way we see it. Jackie painted this in 1970 around the time when the twins played at their rival schools. It's not what some art critics would consider a master piece, but I have always liked the painting and think it makes a nice addition to this room in our house.

On Thur, Jan 17th it snowed and we decided to stay home from work and play a bit.

This is Harry the snowman.

and this, is Chad and I sledding in our pitiful little SC was so fun though! We sledded down our hill in the backyard and almost ended up in the creek a couple of times!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Its a Hucks Life

Hey, I know it's been a while since I posted last, but honestly, I've gotten a Facebook page and now I'm a little addicted...but, perhaps I can come back to the old blog in 2008...

Some exciting big brother has a blog now!!! (check out the new link in the link menu) I just thought I'd bring it to your attention...his little girls are adorable, and he and his wife, Leah, take lots of pics, so I'm sure you'll enjoy checking up with them every now and then too!