Thursday, September 12, 2013

Since Jan, 2011

Its been since January of 2011 since I've updated the blog....a lot has happened in that time, that is an understatement. I haven't gotten the courage, thus far, to write an updated post, but am feeling like writing my thoughts might be helpful and therapeutic....When I find the time, I hope to write...even if no one is listening...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow snow snow!

This week has been great so far! Rigby is doing really well...and finally only taking the 1 or 2 medications he's supposed to (for reflux). Hooray!

It's also been great because of the snow! We got tons of snow on Monday which completely covered everything. Since we didn't get any pictures of Rigby in his first snow (Christmas in Columbia) I was determined to get some of him this time! The first one is Rigby getting suited up to go out in the cold...look at that face!!!

Isn’t he the cutest snowbear you’ve ever seen!?!?!?

Another great thing about the snow is that Chad came home early from work on Monday, stayed home from work on Tuesday, and went in a little late on Wednesday! So, he got to feed Rigby a bottle and had a sweet snooze with him on the couch.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Big Rig

Rigby Christopher Nicholson is now 8 weeks old...9 weeks on Monday. These last 8 weeks have been a whirlwind!

Rigby was due on 11/1/10, but wasn't ready to make his debut yet, so I was induced on 11/7/10. Labor progressed well and I was ready to push on 11/8/10 around 3:30pm. After about 1hr 40min of pushing, the doctor determined that Rigby was turned funny and was having a difficult time making it down the birth canal...and they recommended a c-section. They whisked us away and at 5:19pm on 11/8 our precious little boy was born!
For the first 2 weeks, Rigby slept like a champ. His eating wasn't as easy as we were finger feeding him waiting for my milk to come in. Then, as we began the 3rd week, Rigby started crying pretty much all the time and was super hard to get calmed to go to sleep. The stress of a crying newborn and my crazy hormones was pretty overwhelming and I was incredibly emotional...wondering how in the world I was going to do this. I even said a couple of times 'I can't do this!' We thought it was colic but in the 3rd week, I finally decided to take Rigby to the Dr....and it turned out he had reflux!
Once getting reflux under control with medication, he developed thrush. Once the thrush was gone he got a cold....and after battling the cold for more than a week (over Christmas) he developed a fever and was admitted to the hospital with RSV. We stayed 3 nights in the hospital while the doctors and nurses monitored his fever, but sadly, there was nothing they could do for the RSV since its a virus. After 2 days of him sleeping almost non stop and losing 9oz of body weight, he started perking up and his fever went away.

That was all just a few days ago and I am happy to say that our little boy is pretty much back to normal now. He's still got a little bit of a cough, but he is his smiley self again and I am enjoying every minute of my full time mom job with him. He is an incredible joy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I will post again!

I DO plan to post again...and catch everyone up on what the Nicholson household has been like since our sweet little Rigby has come along....but not now... :) Rigby is waking up from his nap and he's hungry, so I've got to run!

...more to come!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Come on Rigby!

Well folks, we are still awaiting Rigby's arrival.

We saw the doctor today, and there's still no progress. Since I'm overdue, they also wanted to do an ultrasound to check on his size. The great news is, he is healthy and is weighing in at about 8lbs so far. But, it seems that there's not as much fluid as they'd like to see, so I'll go back on Friday for them to check it again.

If I don't go into labor before Sunday night, we've got orders to go ahead and check into the hospital to begin the induction process on Sunday night.

Its kind of a relief to have a plan in place. I just hope the meds they give me for induction do the trick and things progress quickly!

I hope my next post is pictures of my son :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

277 days is a loooong time...

So, according to my little counter on the blog, I've been pregnant for 277 days. Man, its starting to feel like I'll be pregnant FOREVER!

We went back to the doctor today and still no progress. I know, I know, it isn't even technically time for Rigby to be born yet, but really, 0cm again?!?! Well, we scheduled another appointment for next Friday 11/5 and if he's not here by then, they'll schedule to induce probably the following week...let's all hope he comes before then, k?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

9 more days?

9 more days till my due date (or, as my bother in law corrected me....Rigby's due date) but still no sign of the little man making an appearance. We went to the dr. on Friday and I measured 0cm! What a bummer! I was hoping at least for SOMETHING since I know you can have a few cm for weeks! Oh well...he's just not ready yet. We'll go back to the dr. on Friday 10/29, 4 days before my due date...let's hope for a few contractions before then to open me up! :)

One frustrating thing is that I've left my wonderful job. That's right, last Tuesday was my last day at Greenville Literacy Association so now I'm home waiting. Its funny, but I feel kinda guilty being home especially when Rigby is showing no signs of coming out soon...I feel like I should still be working. Chad is so sweet, though, because he just says my job now is to relax and be pregnant. I miss my job already but know I've got a greater job...the job of my life, just ahead with more blessings and rewards than anything else I could ever do. I'm just thankful I'll be able to focus on that full time.