Monday, June 29, 2009

Just some pics

Last month Chad and I went on a short backpacking trip with his best friend Abe and his wife Bethany. We hiked about 15 miles or so in the Nantahala Basin and partially on the Appalachian Trail. The worst part was the rain. Thankfully it didn't rain too badly while we were hiking, but it poured both nights we were there...and Abe and Bethany's tent leaked really badly. They had great attitudes, though, and were rather chipper for being so incredibly soaked.

After living rather primitively for 3 days, we decided it was time for a little Georgia mountain wine and cheese. We found this little vineyard/winery, Tiger Mountain Winery, and stopped by for a little tasting.

Then, from there we had the ultimate post-backpacking meal at the Dillard House...never been? Like greasy, fattening, all-you-can-eat, country cooking? You should go!

Chad and some of his basketball buddies joined up for the Mud Run. It was really fun to watch...and they placed 96th out of more than 500 people! Wow!

It was really funny to see all of these people running around see, the mud was rather flesh colored, and I'm not sure you've ever taken a mud bath in your clothes or not, but the muddy water makes your clothes stick to you like glue...and everyone, after emerging from the previous mud-filled hole, looked, well, naked! It was so weird!!!

Adding a new blog

Yeah, so it's called "Money Saving Mom" but nowhere on the website does it say you must be a mom to enjoy reading, I'm cool :) Great ideas!