Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hi all!
Well, I promised pictures of mine and Chad's Hilton Head vacation...and, well, here are maybe the only 2 good ones from the whole trip! ha! well, maybe not...

Chad and I had so much fun in Hilton Head. We played on the beach, we rode our bikes, ate delicious food, slept in late, got really relaxed etc. it was a dream vacation! Really, Chad needed a vacation so badly, and it was so nice to see him totally relaxed!

We learned that there are a lot of restaurants to choose from that you think might be worth the high dollar because of appearance or location, but don't be fooled by the aesthetics! Choose your food carefully!! Perhaps 2 of our favorite restaurants were:

Signe's Heaven Bound Bakery This place was awesome! (Noted by Rachel Ray from the Food Network.) The food was so fresh and the decor was like an English Country Tea Room...so cute! I am also proud to say that Chad and I decided to ride our bikes to/from Signe's which ended up being a 16 mile bike ride that day!

Also, Santa Fe Cafe is quite possibly the BEST Mexican food I have EVER had!! Seriously, this is no joke. This restaurant ranks right up there, for me, as Stax Peppermill. If you go, ask to sit on the terrace get the Painted Dessert Soup (truly a work of art in taste and presentation)...oh, and be sure to budget a pretty penny for the well-worth-it meal.

Honorable Mention:
Hudson's, HH's oldest restaurant and reasonably priced.
The Sea Shack, is just that, a little beachy shack, but the food is really good!!