Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Another wrecked cake

Okay, so I'm aware that if you like the cake wreck blog, you are probably reading it...but there are some wrecks that are entirely too funny and therefore need special attention...on my blog!

I find this to be hilarious (commentary by the cakewrecks.com blog poster):

Happy Falker Satherhood!
As with the infamous USB cake, some Wrecks cannot be fully appreciated until you know the story behind them. Fortunately, you guys looove to tell me your stories - some of which I've been hoarding to include in the upcoming Cake Wrecks book - and now I think it's high time to start featuring more of them.Ashley J. had two male coworkers each expecting a child, so the office decided to get them a cake. They wanted it to say, "Happy Fatherhood Shawn and Glenn." Instead, they got this:

to see the follow up video the wreck recipients took at the bakery, check out the website!