Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Post-Father's-Day Father's Day Adventure

That's right, 'post' father's of the things about being learning how to be creative with holiday planning! Thankfully, we both have amazing parents that are just happy to spend time with us anytime! So, the weekend of the actual (Hallmark holiday) Father's Day, we went to Ft. Mill to hang out with Chad's parents. Then, the following weekend, we entertained my parents in G-Vegas! It is always so nice having them here!

So, for a long time, my dad has been saying he wanted to go to Hendersonville, NC. Its a neat place, although I've always thought of it as a place to go in the fall during apple season and pick apples. But, because it's too early for apples, I was worried we would get up there and not have enough to do to make the trip worth the drive (although it is only about 45 min away) So I researched and found all of these possibilities for our day.

Then, just before breakfast on the day of the trip, my mom said, "Guess what I heard on the radio..." and it turned out that very day was going to be the 17th annual Antiques Festival in downtown Hendersonville! Wow! Any my parents LOVE antiques!!! Needless to say, we had a great time there...
Then, as the rain came in, we went to the biggest antique store I've ever seen. We wandered for what seemed like hours...and hours....and hours...but just long enough for the rain to subside, and for us to make our way to nearby Chimney Rock State Park!
We had so much fun!!! My parents don't get to see that kind of beauty in Columbia, and Chad and I were so proud to be able to show it to them.

Then, as it's closing in on dinner time, and we were discussing dinner plans, Chad suggested we go to Saluda, NC on the way home and eat at The Purple Onion. So, we sat on their covered porch in the tiny downtown Saluda restaruant drinking the best organic decaf coffee ever, and enjoyed a unique Chicken Caesar Pizza together!

Sounds like fun huh?? :)