Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So, Chad and I recently got back from our Western Tour! We took 10 days off, and went to OKC to see the Lowder family, then, to LA to see Brent (Chad's bro) and Kora. We had a great time, and will hopefully make this a regular trip...hopping across the country...only next time, maybe we'll just hop on over to Hawaii!

So, here are only a couple of pics from our trip. We seemed to have forgotten our camera much of the time, so there really are only a few pictures. The first ones are with the Lowders at the OKC zoo...the kids are growing up so fast and are so much fun to be around!

The picture of Brent and Chad is just outside the Disney Land's elusive SPACE MOUNTAIN! Woo! 20 years later, Chad conquered his fears! ha! ...even at 28, that ride is awesome!

First Anniversary!

Chad and I spent the weekend in Asheville! We went to the Grove Park Inn for dinner...good food, but we both agree, not good enough for the money...(not sure what's up with my strange smile in the first pic!) Then, we went to the Brewgrass Festival on Saturday. This was a very cool festival with brew samples from around the country and BLUEGRASS music!

Then, on our way home from Asheville, we stopped in Flat Rock in hopes of roaming the apple orchard and picking some fresh apples, but sadly, there were none. So, we walked around, played in a giant pumkin, petted a black goat, walked through the bamboo forest, and took a hayride!

Our actual anniversary was on Sunday, though, so when we got home, we fired up the grill and sat on the back patio dancing to the jazz and enjoying each other's company...and eating year-old cake(side note: notice the tile table we made...that's right! laid the tile, built the structure and everything!)...oh, and the cake was suprisingly yummy!

Monday, November 05, 2007


I know I promised some new pictures, and those will come, but I thought I'd post a little something about my friend Laura, her wonderful family, and how they have faithfully followed God's calling!

Matt and Laura Tyler are in the final stages of their training to become missionaries in Mexico. They graduated from New Tribes Mission school where the school's focus is planting tribal churches in unreached areas of the world, and are now completing intensive language training, taking more classes, and doing more outreach before they move on to their final destination. Click on their names to get more information about who they are and what they are all about. Also, for a more personal view of this precious family, visit traveling with the tylers.

The reason I am writing about them, is in hopes that you might read about them, and get to know them, and partner with them in prayer and also financially.

As missionaries, they are responsible for raising all of their funds which includes: Personal expenses (for a family of 4), Ministry expenses (Internet fees, printing, business phone etc), and Benefits and taxes (they are considered 'self employed' which means more taxes, and also any retirement funds and health benefits) So, needless to say, they need a great deal of financial support.

Many of you may contribute corporately to missions through your church, as Chad and I do, but this is your opportunity to contribute to a specific family and to their needs as they grow God's kingdom in parts of the world many will never see.