Friday, March 31, 2006

Bee Cove Creek (aka 702)

The trip started on a sunny, but chilly day. We were both so excited...listening to great music (courtesy of my brother) driving through the mountians near the NC and SC borders. I had planned the trip, printed driving and hiking directions, and we were ready to go! We hiked for a little while, then, the trail came to an abrubt end. We could hear the falls, just as the directions said, but the slope downward toward the sound seemed a bit risky. We continued on what we THOUGHT could have been a trail...but, well, it wasn', we thought, lets just slide down this embankment and hope it turns out okay! :) Well, the picture below is where we ended up!!! Beautiful! And this was only the first of a few falls. We ate our peanut butter and jelly/honey sandwiches here, and rested for a few minutes. Okay, so to this point, we'd hiked for probably 2 hours....then we kept on. We slid and climbed and walked through the river until we found waterfall after waterfall. It was amazing.

Check out these other pics!
Don't you just love posed pictures that don't look posed :)
Good acting Chad!
Knotty (not to be confused with naughty) tree! Liv, I thought about you and Matt when we passed tree huh?

The Hucks Family Together!

The Hucks family together again! Mom, Dad, Kendra, Terry, Rachel, Will, Adam, Leah, Isabella, Elissa, Allison, and Chad.

It was so much fun! Check out these pics! The one below is my Papa meeting his great-grandson for the first time! I like the one below if Isabella and Elissa sitting on the stoop of my dad's new shop...that is the look of exhaustion! Its like you can just see how tired they are...precious! Isn't Rachel getting big? She is such a great big cousin and sister!
I'm having some technical difficulties, so this is all for patience are running very thin, but I hope to post some pics of Mine and Chad's hiking adventure stay tuned!