Monday, March 16, 2009

We waited ALL winter for some snow. We got threats of snow a couple of times, but somehow Upstate SC was missed....until February! It was really pretty crazy. Chad and I were at a small group meeting about 20 mins from our well as several of our friends. It had been raining and raining for hours and as we sat in our meeting we anxiously awaited the snow.

After about an hour, we noticed the rain had finally turned to snow! Wooohoo! We continued to meet for about an hour longer and we piled into our respective cars to head home. BUT, in that one hour, the accumulation had piled up several inches on everything......and even the roads. Needless to say, our friends Honda couldn't make it up the hill in the neighborhood, so she parked her car at our friend's house and we started our Subaru taxi service!

Another friend was further ahead of us, stuck, with his 3 children in their Suburban. We met up with him, put his kids in our car (now there are 6 of us) as he tried his hand at negotiation the icy, snowy roads without his children. Later, we met up with him, dropped off his kids with him, and took our other friend home. What would normally have taken us 20 minutes...turned out to be a 2 hour drive. I LOVE OUR SUBARU!

This is one reason we love our neighborhood...the great kiddies everywhere! The two ladies belong to the Rutlands (2 doors down) and Carson is the 2nd of 4 Rogers kids that live across the street. The pasty one in the middle is Joe...he only lasted about as long as it took to take this picture, and soon after he was violently kicked down be the angels in this picture! ha!