Sunday, April 22, 2007

Want an Autograph?

Here are some pics from the day of filming. They filmed Chad's scenes in Charlotte, NC beginning at 5am!

So, it's thought that these scenes will be of the first few of the movie...and you might or might not see Chad's face. Nonetheless, he's #1 and Reed, here, is #16 so look for them both! You'll see Chad chasing John Krasinski, Jim from "The Office," as John (his character's name is something like Carlton Rutherfordton) runs for an 80 yd TD run in the last play of his last college game and Reed's cheering on the bench. The whole scene was just one play. The rest of the movie is about Krasinski's pro career and his relationship with the character George Clooney plays. Clooney also directs the movie.

Most of the day they just hung out on the field and waited to shoot different angles of the one scene that Chad was in. Chad is here with his childhood friend, Scott Hanson, whom he plays b-ball with on Tue nights. Scott was part of the primary group of football players for the movie, so you'll see him on many of the teams in the movie, but his face is only used on one team.
Chad had a great opportunity to spend the day on a movie set as well as be in a movie, but didn't get a chance to interact with Clooney or Krasinski, but was right next to them as they worked. They got along real well and seemed like great guys.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Our Beloved Papa

Robert “Bob” Bailes
January 15, 1922-April 3, 2007

Papa at the ripe ole age of 39 married for the first time a widow, Evelyn Hucks, with three children in 1959. They were married at Myrtle Beach AFB as Papa was in the Air Force. The three children were Lonnie, (now deceased) Harriet and Bobby. Lonnie went to the Navy; Harriet married the next year to high school sweetheart Freddie Moore and Bobby only 13 at the time of the marriage remained in the home.
Papa was transferred to McDill AFB, Tampa, Fla. a couple of years later, so starts the travels for Evelyn & Bob. They were soon transferred to Edwards AFB, Calif. While there Bobby graduates from high school and meets future wife. In only a short year Papa is sent to Vietnam. Evelyn & Bobby return to their home in Fla. while Papa is overseas. Harriet & Freddie are in Myrtle Beach where Freddie is working as a pharmacist. Bobby joins the Air Force and marries Vanda his high school sweetheart.

On his return from Vietnam Papa is again stationed in Calif. this time at George AFB in Victorville. From there he retires, back to Myrtle Beach. Papa was born in Rock Hill, SC so coming back to SC is the only place for him.

Papa loves his retirement, buys a small 10 unit motel in Surfside and he and Nana meet and greet many people. They had a sign in their motel office that read “there or no strangers here, only friends we haven’t met”. In 1979 they sell the motel and buy a home in Murrells Inlet. Now they are really retired!

Nana & Papa’s family grew and is still growing. Much to the sadness of all of us in the family and to Papa, Nana was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Papa faithfully cared for Nana until the last 4 months when she had to be placed at NHC in Surfside. On January 26, 2002 Papa lost the love of his life. He just hasn’t been able to accept Nana not being there. Papa was the youngest of seven in his family and until October 2002 he and his favorite sister were the only ones left. Losing Nana and his beloved sister Mary in the same year took its toll on Papa. It seemed he just couldn't recoup. He knew he had his family but we just couldn't take Nana’s place.

Papa is survived by his 2 stepchildren, Harriet and Robert "Bobby", 5 grandchildren (Deborah, Julie, Kendra, Adam, and Allison), and 7 great-grandchildren (Brittany, Lauren, Katy, Rachel, Will, Isabella, and Elissa)