Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow snow snow!

This week has been great so far! Rigby is doing really well...and finally only taking the 1 or 2 medications he's supposed to (for reflux). Hooray!

It's also been great because of the snow! We got tons of snow on Monday which completely covered everything. Since we didn't get any pictures of Rigby in his first snow (Christmas in Columbia) I was determined to get some of him this time! The first one is Rigby getting suited up to go out in the cold...look at that face!!!

Isn’t he the cutest snowbear you’ve ever seen!?!?!?

Another great thing about the snow is that Chad came home early from work on Monday, stayed home from work on Tuesday, and went in a little late on Wednesday! So, he got to feed Rigby a bottle and had a sweet snooze with him on the couch.

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Matt, Laura, Haley and Baby said...

Hey - I want some pictures of the apartment and of Rigbypants - I'll keep checking! :)