Saturday, October 23, 2010

9 more days?

9 more days till my due date (or, as my bother in law corrected me....Rigby's due date) but still no sign of the little man making an appearance. We went to the dr. on Friday and I measured 0cm! What a bummer! I was hoping at least for SOMETHING since I know you can have a few cm for weeks! Oh well...he's just not ready yet. We'll go back to the dr. on Friday 10/29, 4 days before my due date...let's hope for a few contractions before then to open me up! :)

One frustrating thing is that I've left my wonderful job. That's right, last Tuesday was my last day at Greenville Literacy Association so now I'm home waiting. Its funny, but I feel kinda guilty being home especially when Rigby is showing no signs of coming out soon...I feel like I should still be working. Chad is so sweet, though, because he just says my job now is to relax and be pregnant. I miss my job already but know I've got a greater job...the job of my life, just ahead with more blessings and rewards than anything else I could ever do. I'm just thankful I'll be able to focus on that full time.


Fred and Erin Giles said...

Funny story for you...after home group tonight I realized I missed a call from a 650-cell number. Fred was like call it back...and I said no, they didn't leave a voicemail. Five minutes later I was WAIT...THAT MIGHT BE CHAD CALLING TO SAY ALLISON HAS GONE INTO LABOR! I called it back, it wasn't Chad:(

Brooke said...

Allison - you will be the BEST Mom ever! So glad you are getting to meet him soon!